As part of Green Erasmus we want to give the international students some information about how to live sustainbly in Stuttgart and at the University of Stuttgart...

On this wiki page we want to collect the relevant information and prepare a flyer.

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This is a wiki page. Feel free to add your ideas, add more information or improve the content.


When: 20.10.2021


Sustainability in: World → Germany → Stuttgart → University of Stuttgart → You

Getting motivated to act sustainable during your stay


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Who we are (Philipp)




Today (Jan)

Universities are the laboratories of society's future. By combining research and teaching, they can help future generations master complex challenges in a globalized world (Grand Challenges). They take on the task of sensitizing all university members to sustainable development and engaging them to contribute to shaping a sustainable society.


Zoom in (Think global act local)

World (Jan)

  • IPCC Report (meta study, 740 experts, 90 countries)
    • Climate change is real and we can already see it happening
    • "It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land."
    • If we act now we still could a chance of "only" reaching a 1.5 C warming compared to pre industrial times
    • 1.5 C warming compared to 2.0 C warming has severe less of an impact on the environment and our lifes

EU (Philipp)

  • European Green Deal
  • Erasmus goes Green

Germany (Jan)

  • Renewable Energy
    • Nuclear exit (2022)
    • Coal exit (2038)
  • Goals:

Stuttgart (Philipp)


Rescued food for free: "Fairteiler" / Café Raupe Immersatt 

Plastic-free: Schüttgut / Tante.M

Weekly Market (Karte: → regional and seasonal food

Organic markets

Take your erasmus stay as an opportunity to try a vegetarian or vegan diet


Cafes: Raupe Immersatt


Rental bike system: „RegioRad Stuttgart“

Several Stations at University of Stuttgart → Website

Buying cheap bikes: (question)

Public transport VVS


A major part of the production of clothes have been outsourced to countries far away from Germany and Europe. The fact that clothing manufacturing mostly goes along with inadequate working conditions and extensive environmental impacts becomes even for us consumers more obvious. Therefore, it is worth it to check out local fashion labels and stores, where clothes are produced socially and ecologically fair and manufacturing processes as well as working conditions are transparent. In Stuttgart, there are also a few stores, that consider sustainability:

  • Greenality - Fürstenstraße 5
  • Schlechtmensch - Neckarstraße 86
  • Wiederbelebt - Esslinger Straße 14
  • Glore - Eberhardstraße 10
  • Die rote Zora - Seenefelder Straße 101
  • Loyale. Fair Concept Store - Sophienstraße 21
  • More labels: Ray the Collection, Anomos, Kipepeo, Eyd, Lovjoj (Labels Eyd & Lovjoj in Glore or Greenality in Stuttgart)

Buying used clothes is even more ressource-friendly. A few second-hand stores are located in Tübinger Straße, but there are also other stores spread across Stuttgart. There are also a few flea markets that are worth a visit. A few examples are as follows:

  • Future Fashion Store x Secontique - Sophienstraße 21, Stuttgart
  • Frida West - Marienstraße 42
  • Vintage Markt - Tübinger Str. 74
  • Second Dreams Stuttgart - Tübinger Str. 70
  • Stana Second Hand Boutique - Böblinger Straße 115
  • Second-Hand Boutique - Neckarstraße 164
  • PragA - Second Hand Boutique - Friedhofstraße 57
  • Wühli - Robert Bosch Straße 1, Schorndorf
  • Rosenrot - Vogelsangstraße 16b
  • Flohmarkt Karlsplatz (Saturdays, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

There are also dress exchanges and dress exchange parties organized on a few Facebook pages like Freeguide Stuttgart, Fairtauscht, Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung - Stuttgart and Future Fashion - Community.

University of Stuttgart (Jan)

Goals: Carbon neutral until 2035

In Numbers: ??

Reducing emissions from:

  • Energy consumption (Combined heat and power plant)
  • Businesstrips by flight
  • Food

Getting engaged:

  • Green Office
  • Student Groups (e.g.: AK International Green Group)

Catering on the campus:

  • Mensa
  • Symbol indicates Vegan or Vegitarian food
  • starting November 1st you can see the GHG Emissions frome ach dish

You (Jan)

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