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You can use the form on this page to submit a new event for the Sustainability Weeks.



What are your responsibilities when organizing a program event?

  • Select a suitable date and time
  • Make all arrangements for external speakers
  • Enter all information here as soon as possible
  • Promote your event(s) as well as the sustainability weeks
  • For external speakers, provide the link for the video conference in advance.
  • For external speakers, you or someone from your group must be present at the event to provide technical support.

What are the deadlines?
We would like as many events as possible to be registered by 10.04. so that we have an overview.
The events must be submitted by 25.04. at the latest.

How to allocate a time slot for a program item
You can choose a suitable time slot yourself (earliest possible time 10.05.2021 09:00; latest possible time 23.05.2021 21:00). Please note only the rule regarding parallel events (see next rule). The currently submitted program items can be found on the wiki page Programm (not final, changes to the program can take place at any time).

Are parallel events allowed?
Yes, up to three BaWü events may take place in parallel (local events are excluded from this rule). However, only one YouTube livestream should take place at the same time, but parallel workshops are okay.

What is a BaWü event / What is a local event?
We divide program events internally into three types: Lead events, where many viewers are expected and therefore there should be no parallel events; BaWü events, where participation is open to all but parallel events are ok; and local events, which are university-specific, i.e. the target group is limited to the local area.

Not all information there yet / Editing still possible after submission?
Even if not all information are available yet, you are welcome to submit the program item already. Editing afterwards is possible for people with the appropriate rights. You need a stuvus account with the appropriate rights? Contact the technical support team, e.g. via Telegram:

Where does the information end up?
Once the program item has been submitted, it can be viewed by all on the Program wiki page. This is the view for internal planning.

What data will be publicly visible?
All data will be publicly viewable except for the email addresses entered. The email addresses will only be accessible to a limited group of people.

Will all submissions automatically become part of the program?
No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that. We reserve the right to reject program items. This will most likely only fit in individual cases. If we should consider this, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Will a platform be provided for the videoconferences?
Yes! You do not need to take care of setting up videoconferences yourself. The "AG Technik" will take care of it and provide links in time beforehand. Most likely BigBlueButton will be used as the system for videoconferencing.

Who will take care of the livestream?
We are looking for volunteers for this and rely on support from the various local teams! We will offer a training where we explain everything. Then people will assign themselves to the events with livestream....

I'm not familiar with the video conferencing tool! How do I learn more?
There will be a small training (date to be announced) and an introductory video explaining the most important things.

Will there be a technical check for external speakers?
Yes, we will again provide dates and times for speakers to come by and test their equipment and ask questions.

What if I can't find a suitable photo?
If you can't find a suitable picture, the AG Öffi can find one for you. Please indicate if this is necessary.

Where will the program points be published?
We will publish all program points on our website: It will take some time until all events are online. We will probably also create the events on Facebook and tag the organizing groups.

Is there a place where I can make further notes for the preparation of an event and possibly give others access to them?
Yes. If it's ok for the notes to be public, feel free to create a wiki page below Space für Programmpunkte. If you want it to be private, you can create a pad, e.g. here:

I have further questions!
General questions can be sent to our e-mail contact address You can find out how to get technical support on the technical support page.



planned title of the event (type is not included)

If a specific group organizes the event

Event details

Lokal = university-specific topic / internal to university / small workshops in presence / exhibitions
BaWü = open to everybody / digital or hybrid

Earliest possible time: 10.05.2021 09:00 | Latest possible time: 23.05.2021 21:00
For open time slots, see the calendar view on the Program wiki page.
If times are still unclear, fields can be left blank.

Relevant for advertising and possibly linking to social media accounts

In Präsenz = in presence

Subject matter

Diskussion=discussion, Planspiel=simulation game, Vortrag=talk, Anderes=other

Einsteiger*innen=beginners, Fortgeschrittene = advanced, Expert*innen = experts

If specific prior knowledge is expected, this should be made clear in the description text.

The questions will be included in the event description and will help ensure that participants know what to expect.

Length: One short sentence → Preview on website and on search results (e.g. Google)

Length: Minimum 5 sentences (What is it about? Who is involved? What is the background?) → Facebook, Instagram and website

Here you can enter hashtags which we should use to promote the event


A picture is needed for advertising on our website and Facebook

It is possible to upload multiple files if you want to provide us alternatives.
Requirements for the images: JPEG or PNG; min. 770x420px landscape format (optimal 1080px height); min. 72dpi; max. 128MB


As a rule, you don't have to worry about the technical aspects yourself. A platform for videoconferencing will be provided, if necessary we will take care of a YouTube livestream and if necessary we can also support you with interactive tools (real-time polls, whiteboards, etc.).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical support.

Required functionalities:

Videokonferenz (BigBlueButton)
  • Interaktive Veranstaltungen
  • Veranstaltungen mit <100 Personen

Exklusiver Livestream:
  • Mehrere Hundert Zuschauer*innen möglich
  • Keine Störungen durch Zuschauer*innen

Videokonferenz und Livestream:
  • Teilnehmende haben die Wahl: Reines Konsumieren (Livestream) oder mündliche Beteiligung (Videokonferenz)

we would like to publish as many recordings as possible in our media library

if yes, a registration form (with limited number of places) will be added to the event page



Last Question

Please indicate here if you have provided all the information and they are final. If you want to edit them again, select "no".


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